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solar_dust's Journal

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This is a place to share any icons you have made that pertain to art, nature or spirituality.

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1) All icons you post must be made by you.

3) No icons of celebraties, popstars or films please.
(This includes if you are linking to a mixed post. Posting 3 art icons in a batch of 40, in which all the rest are Paris Hilton isn't acceptable. Up to about %25 may be off topic for this community)

4) Credit must be given unless the maker specifically states otherwise. Anyone found ignoring this rule will be kicked out on their ear.

5) Posts with more than 3 icons should use a cut.

6) You may also post colourbars, wallpapers, headers and other graphics here but please put them behind a cut.

7) If you are using another artists work then please make sure you say who they are and provide a link back to their official site if possible.

8) Constructive critisism is welcome. Comments like "All these are crap" are not.

9) No blatent advertising without checking with the mod first.
You may put something like please credit fluidic_icons in your post though so long as it's not in huge type.

10) Posts may contain nudity (as the human body is a valid subject for art) but not pornography. Please place all icons that contain nudity behing a cut and put a warning on it.

11) Manga/Anime icons are ok to post but please remember that this is not a fan site.

12) If your link leads to a friends locked post then please state so.

13) Any off topic posts will be deleted. You will get one warning and if you continue then you will be barred.

14) Any abusive comments will be deleted. You will get one warning and if you continue you will be barred.

15) Please be respectfull of other peoples thoughts and beliefs.

16) Humorous icons about religion are ok. For example this and this are fine but something saying GOD HATES FAGS would not be. Use your judgement here people. (lick a witch icon by mysticmirth)

Click here to contact the mod

When tagging your posts you can only use ones that I as mod have already used. (The community is just set up that way and I can't change it), I am starting up a list. If there are tags that are not on the list that you want to use then just leave a comment here (It will be linked to from the info page),saying what you need, and I'll add them to the list. Hopefully after a while there will be a fairly comprehensive list for people to choose from.

Leave comment here with a list of any extra tags you want me to add : )